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2017-2018 Staff

Katherine Derryberry


Junior Katherine Derryberry loves sports with all her heart, but she doesn’t actually play any sports. Her love comes from watching her little brother play football and basketball. Besides watching her brother, she loves watching...

Julia McCommas

Web Editor

Julia McCommas started broadcast in seventh grade because she wanted a creative outlet for herself. The 18 year old enjoys working with cameras in order to tell a visual story which inspired her to pursue a career in film at t...

Maya Aridi


Being the number one rookie of Coyote Nation TV is only one of sophomore Maya Aridi’s aspirations. In addition, she hopes to give a voice to the voiceless in journalism, and apply it to her future career as an ambassador. For Ma...

Dom Herrera


Sophomore Dom Herrera thought that broadcast would just be another easy class for his freshman year of high school but was quickly proven wrong. He now appreciates all the work it takes to be a journalist and would like to go...

Fiza Kuzhiyil


Film enthusiast. Avid writer (and a lunatic by default). Rory Gilmore wannabe. Never found without a cup of coffee in her hand and an idea in her head.



When Brooke is not in school she is probably at dance class or listening to music. Brooke likes to eat hot cheetos and procrastinate until the literal last minute.

Brooke Bates


When Brooke's not at school, she prefers to be curled up in a blanket in her PJ's with her cat by her side, watching another episode of her favorite show on Netflix while drinking a cup of coffee and snacking on food. If not,...

Bryan Cannon


Meet Bryan. He's outgoing but reserved. He plays basketball and runs varsity track for Heritage High School. He is in love with pineapples, green apples, candy, gum. He enjoys to workout outside of school. Get to know the new...

Abby Hagle


Abby is a multiple disabled autistic/ADHD student who enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, and browsing Tumblr in their spare time. "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." is a good summary of her worldview along...

Sarah Donnellan


Sarah's idea of a perfect day is eating pizza and watching Gossip Girl. She loves to write about her life and what she's gone through. Sarah wants to live in New York City, write for a magazine and shop at all the high end fashion...

Sonia Shah


Chocolate addict and a full-time human calculator. Born and blessed with ODD (Obsessive Disney Disorder). Social butterfly whose favorite subject also happens to be lunch.

Adrian Alvarez


Adrian is a passionate soccer player who constantly tries to work for something of importance. His ultimate goal in life is to be happy with whatever he's doing in it "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing...

Zain Riazuddin


Photoshops from time to time, likes to ride his bike, uses Twitter a lot, loves to listen to music.

Shannon-Renee Odoi


When everyone's walking right, Shannon-Renee is make a left turn because she's curious about what everyone isn't seeing. Writer, hipster, Netflix fanatic. When she's not journaling, Shannon-Renee is probably reading, playing volleyball...

Emma Finley


At any social event, you'll find Emma in the bathroom watching The Office. Her favorite food group is pop tarts. Don't be afraid if you wake up in the middle of the night and she's in your house. Your dog is just really cute....

Nadine Said


Paint on her hands, she's at peace. Headphones on, she’s calm. Words on a page, she’s herself. Soccer ball at her feet, she’s empowered. Nadine is passionate about many things and looks for the beauty in everyth...

Sona Shaik


Sona is a rebellious homosapien who is always looking for an adventure and opportunities to get her hands dirty (both literally and metaphorically). She loves binge watching movies and tv shows and is also passionate about ar...

Zainab A.


Zainab doesn't get a lot of free time, but when she does, she is sure to use it wisely by writing short stories and poems, reading books, and spending time with her lovely family. Zainab feels ecstatic about embarking on this...

Ashlyn Wilde


Ashlyn will watch any Old Disney Channel Show (the good ones that got a movie). Always will have the band Why Don't We playing (they're the best, don't @me). Constantly finds turf left over from soccer practice (student athlete=grind...

Kaitlin Valene


Meet Kaitlin. She loves dogs, Kendra Scott, hanging out with friends, writing and watching movies. If she's not at work, she's either asleep or doing homework. If you follow her on Snapchat you will know she eats nothing but mexican...

Nya M Snowden


Say hello to Nya Snowden in the halls and you’re sure to get a bright smile. This sophomore loves to cook, read and hang out with with her family. You can find her working on her blog, sleeping, playing her trombone, or making...

Blair K Jensen


Meet Blair. He spends his free time swimming, sitting around staring at nothing while listening to music or sleeping. Always has at least one cut or bruise on his hands at all times. Knows a lot of useless information.

Jadon Kind


Jadon is always eager to explore and learn new things, whether that means traveling to new places or meeting new people. He has a creative mind and enjoys expressing his thoughts through various forms of art; such as drawing,...

Anish Akula


The name is Anish Akula. People call him Anish Akula. And he likes to go by Anish Akula. If there is one thing he could do for the rest of his life, it's to tell stories. And that's exactly what he is doing right now. You're welcome....

Amrita Sundaresan


If you happen to hear the strum of an acoustic guitar, Amrita Sundaresan may be close by. Even though she is just a sophomore, Amrita has already developed an immense passion for music and all things media. She joined broadcast on ...

Nick Gallacher


Ever since seventh grade, Nick Gallacher has had a huge passion for multimedia. After watching his father edit training videos for his job, Gallacher became drawn to the field. This led him to experiment with video editing, which event...

Ashton Eades


Most people may have been to Disney World once or twice when they were younger, but sophomore Ashton Eades has been eight times. After each trip she takes, Eades loves to put together memories from her trip into a video, so she a...

Brianna Flores

Social and Service Chair

Knowing how to take someone down in a matter of minutes is only one of  Brianna Flores many talents. The 16-year-old can do many things such as bake and cook, but her love of broadcast trumps them all. Flores quickly started in ...

Miranda Servey

Visual Coordinator

One of the first challenges senior Miranda Servey had to face in the broadcast field, was breaking through her comfort zone. Her new obstacle has been discovering how to juggle her love for both broadcast and the medical field...

Kyle Bradford


Sophomore Kyle Bradford loves video games, however he only owns one, which is Madden NFL 2017. He has played football since he was seven years old, and it has remained a major part of his life ever since. While his dad showed him...

Gabi Carden


Gabi Carden has been on a path towards creative movie making since first grade. Now she’s a sophomore with Coyote Nation TV, and she is continuing her love of video editing. However, broadcast isn’t the only interest Carde...

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