Why are dependence on wifi is hurting us

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Why are dependence on wifi is hurting us

Shannon-Renee Odoi, Reporter

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So when I was writing this column in class, and the school district wifi halts. I thought,“of course this happens to me as I’m writing this”.  Luckily, the wifi came back in 10 minutes.

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking into class and on the board it says “a device is needed for Kahoot” and when pull out your phone and go on the website it doesn’t work? But then the most annoying thing appears… “no internet connection”, with the annoying little circle that moves around and around and around for all of eternity. Looking around, everyone is ready to start, meanwhile the first page hasn’t loaded yet. Then when you tell the teacher you can’t load the wifi, and they look up and say: “use your data”. Even with data on, the page still won’t load.

Our frustration rises and finally turning off your phone and watching while the class is part of the activity and your sitting in the corner awkwardly looking at everyone sounds like the best solution.

For the three decades that the internet has been in our lives, despite all the changes and technology improvements, one constant has remained: pokey connections. Frustration quickly sets in when pages won’t load, videos buffer, or email crawls to a halt. Frustration might be one of the worst human emotions we can experience. You feel angry, short-tempered and stuck, basically want to give up and throw in the towel. Wireless problems are a common catalyst, mostly because everyone expects it to work, so went it’s not people tend to get pretty upset with little sympathy.

Our society today has gotten so dependent on the internet, that even our teachers start assigning tasks online. But have they ever thought of the consequences of this happening? What if the internet decides to stop working? What if the page is currently unavailable? Then you don’t end up doing the assignment, and get a 0. Finally, you tell your teacher what happens they act all snotty and rude and say “you should have emailed me about the problem”.

I mean what if a life or death situation comes where you forgot your lunch, and you need the chauffeur (AKA mom) to drop it off. But the text won’t go through because; you guessed it… NO WIFI! I mean we starve to death and go through English class thinking “where did my life go wrong”.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to no internet on connected wifi problem. To me wifi problems are the worst types problems, because we depend on it so much that we forget there was a time before the internet and electronics. While having no wifi can actually sometimes be a great thing, wait I take that back, wifi is the best thing created!

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