Fake Friends

Two-faced people cause too much issues and pain

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Fake Friends

Sarah Donnellan, Reporter

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You are told your best friend was talking behind your back. Your heart stops and you don’t believe it at first. But it’s true, because all along they were a fake friend to you. It hurts to find out that someone you care about doesn’t reciprocate the friendship. Someone who you thought would be there for you betrayed you and your trust. Fake friends are prevalent among teenagers, especially in high school.

It makes me mad that it’s so easy to come by fake friends. It shouldn’t be that hard for a person to be their real, true selves. Yet, some people still manage to struggle with that.

They can be two different people in a matter of seconds. If you put them in a different group of people, you may not even recognize your friend. Also, fake friends tend to only want to talk about themselves, never caring about how you’re feeling and what’s going on in your life.

According to Health Guidance, it can feel like the relationship is one sided, where you are the only one making effort. Maybe you’re making the plans, but they cancel on you last minute. Or you have to send the first text every time, or call them first.

Another point is fake friends will tear you apart in shallow and shady ways. They will make negative comments about your personality or appearance until it destroys your self esteem. Or they don’t stick up for you in group setting. Instead they join in.  

In my opinion, the biggest indicator of a fake friend is they talk behind your back. They could even go as far as to spread false rumors or confidential secrets you told them. That is one of the worst things a person could do to someone else. It breaks not only the friendship, but your trust.

There really is no opposing side to this issue, how could you defend a fake person? Their actions have turned them into who they are, and nobody can change that. Maybe they have their own personal issues, but they’re the only person that could solve them.

Fake friends need to stop. It doesn’t benefit either person involved. Fake people desperately search for attention, so don’t give it to them. Eventually you will meet people that actually care about your well being and aren’t fake people.  

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